How an iPad can Improve your Hookah Bar Business

Mango’s Cafe is a local Hookah Lounge in the heart of Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. In this Cafe you can enjoy your hookah with Mediterranean style foods, delicious beverages and  yummy desserts. This Cafe is great for group gatherings; they have a fun atmosphere, outdoor patio area and catering.


Just recently they started using an iPad to take orders at their POS Station and at tables. With this change in order taking and running transactions they have found a great increase in speed of service and customer satisfaction. Mango’s Cafe is using Cafe Cartel Systems software and the owner is so happy with the  results he decided to add another iPad terminal that can be used at the tables as well to the patio section. With Cafe Cartel’s Point of Sale iPad solution, orders are taken on the spot and sent to the kitchen that much faster allowing servers to move on to the next table knowing that the hookahs and food orders are already being prepared.

With a business type such as a hookah lounge, the ability to take orders at tables and engage more with customers is priceless. And yet the iPad solution is more than affordable. Especially if you are needing an update from an aging cash register and taking orders by hand. This iPad solution will streamline your order taking and transaction processes and minimize error that happens simply from miss reading someone’s handwriting.


Mango’s Cafe chose Cafe Cartel Systems because they have been specializing in Hookah Bar Point of Sale for over ten years. The software has features to manage your hookah bars many tobacco flavors, merchandise, and food service. They can also integrate with payment processing services so that you can handle any transaction from traditional credit to digital wallets. They also offer a Sony Tablet solution for those users out there that are more comfortable with Windows. Find out more about their tablet and iPad solutions or visit

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